Monday, October 25, 2010

A new week starts.

I am ready for whatever this week throws at me. I have plans to dye and crochet all week to get new stock in the store. Fingering weight skiens. This yarn is a beautiful 100% merino sock yarn that will make cozy cozy socks and other projects. I am feeling very much in the spirit of fall and the upcoming holidays, ( not halloween) and hope to dye with that in mind.

Also check out this lady on artfire she has osme great things for sale and a 20% coupon to celebrate fall. start getting ready for christmas you knwo how it likes to sneak up on us.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A new store front

I have just opened a new store in the hopes of some more traffic. is a cool place to find handmade unique items very similar to etsy. I am under the same name.

You can find a coupon for 25% off in store this week to celebrate the opening. come on over and check out this stie, holiday season will be here before we know it.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

October fest

Its october and what better time to celebrate than Octoberfest.

For the whole month of October you will reciev a free gift with every purchase from the store.

Many new items being added daily.
stop by and see whats new dont forget to use the code. Octoberfest in the notes to seller to ensure you get your free gift.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

School is in

School is in . I have been busy dyeing up some new colors, some of which have made it to the shop some not quite yet.

I have been experimenting with dyeing some school colors and have so far made up Jackson Elemnetary school and Live Oak high school. These are both local schools in Morgan Hill California, but I have noticed that the colors also follow some of the big teams and colleges out there.

I have also listed my first handknit item to the store and is so far getting lots of visists. I am working on more things for this. I have been madly trying to get baby doll clothes and bassinets listed thgouh time is not being my friend right now. what with kids and band and school stuff i get very little time to work.

I have made up a great raffle basket for the local school for thier icecream social tonight and have had lots of interested people so hopefully they will make some money on the raffle and we will start another knitter on her journey.

Off for now but stay tuned cos I am planning on working hard over the next couple of weeks to get things really moving.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

school is nearly here

Yea school starts in just a little over a week. And with the start of school will come new yarns and fibers. Since the kids have been off from school I have had no time to dye, but they go back and I will be dyeing like a demon.

some new fibers coming, a chance to get some heavier weight yarns now that fall is almost upon us. I know that is weird I was in the craft store and they have the halloween stuff out already we are still in the high nineties everyday and not expected to drop below that for a long time yet. It takes a while to get used to that here , still on PA weather clock.

I have fabric to make new project bags and new needle cases and hope to introduce some other new things to. I am working on a cute little guy and maybe he will feature in the shop in the fal, still working on that.

I am encouraged to see so many new faces as hearts on etsy and hope to let them all know about the great thinsg coming to the store soon.

As always check to see whats going on the ravelry group spunshinefibers and join in the chatter.

Friday, July 30, 2010

1st shipment is ready

The first shipment of the Birthstone yarn club is shortly to be mailed. It will be leaving me monday morning. I am thrilled with the color for this month. I went with peridot and it came out so pretty. I chose to do stitch markers as the first extra and sent them in two sizes. for a total of 12 stitch markers. done in swawarski crystals peridot. they look great.

I am hoping once pics go up on ravelry that we will see a little more interest, but I am already excited to get the month dyed.

Once the kids go back to school I will be able tomuch more dyeing and get some new stock added to the store in time for the coming holiday rush..... people always start to think of christmas around september especially knitter swho make gifts, so i need to get some stock in.

the sale was a huge hit and i think i plan to have one for some other holidays and special occasions though maybe not such a huge discount we shall see.

The fiber club is not currently being purchased so nothing to report for that one but i hope soon. I ahve some great fibers all ready to go for it. including some dreamy bamboo top i just cant wait to try.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


The sale strats now. 4th of July through the 8TH of july. Everything in the store ( excluding yarn and fiber clubs and shipping) will be 50% off.

All prices will be as listed so no waiting for a refund. The price listed is the price you wil pay

Many new items have been added to the store for this. A stock clearance to make room for brand new stock coming.
Project bags, yarn, fibers, stitch markers. Everything.

start your holiday shopping early or just treat yourself.

Also new options onthe exsisting club and a new fiber club coming. you will now be able to choose weather or not to recieve the extras or if you would like to just recieve the yarn or fiber.
August is fast approaching and marks the first shipment I am excited to make a start on this projetc.

come out and celebrate the holiday with a huge sale.